Music Concerts

Indian classical music is meditative and healing in nature as it has its roots in the ancient tradition of yoga. In the olden days, music and spirituality were two sides of the same coin. Indian classical music originated from the Samaveda and evolved over centuries into a well-organized system. The music was traditionally learned and practiced to attain spiritual liberation but it slowly transitioned into entertainment after the Mughal invasion. We hope to revive this tradition and cultivate it in the setting of an ashram.

Today, we have begun to enjoy music events at the ashram in Walden, NY.  We started this journey during Guru Poornima of 2009 with a Sitar and a vocal concert.  Since then, we have annually encouraged different musicians – local and world-renowned – to publicly play at the Ashram.  The glorious natural setting of the 294-acre property in the Hudson Valley provides a perfect setting for this peaceful music. The musicians have not only enjoyed performing in the ashram’s beautiful setting but also look forward to coming often to conduct workshops and intensify their own music sadhana (practice) by spending time at the ashram. The concerts have been appreciated by musicians and audiences alike, inspiring us to now offer them on a frequent basis.

This allows the community members to regularly come together to experience sacred music and also enjoy delicious food after the concert. We want to encourage and support a growing number of local and budding musicians as well as invite from time to time world-renowned musicians from the United States and abroad. Part of our vision is to support this ancient tradition and encourage local and budding musicians to keep pursuing their talent as a profession. We invite everyone to support this endeavor.

We invite everyone to support this endeavor by donating to help organize these events.  

Upcoming Concerts:

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Concerts in 2021:

Concerts in 2019:

November 1 – Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai (DE)

September 1 – Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai

August 3 – Sitar Concert by Indrajit-Roy-Chowdhury

July 6-Sarod Concert by Satyaki Dutta

July 3-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai

July 2-Bansuri Concert by Steve Gorn

June 15-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai (NYC)

June 1-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai

March 30-Santoor Concert by Kunal Gunjal

Concerts in 2018:

November 10-Vocal Concert by Manu Srivastava

October 20-Dhrupad Vocal Concert by Pt. Nirmalya Dey

October 6-7-Concert Series

September 1-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai

July 7-Vocal Concert by Andrew Shantz

June 9-Vocal Concert by Saili Oak & Sarangi Concert by Suhail Khan

April 29-Santoor Concert by Rahul Sharma

January 27-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai (Gaithersburg, MD)

Concerts in 2017:

September 4-Sitar Concert by Partha Bose and Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai

July 29-Bansuri (Flute) Concert by Steve Gorn

April 22-Sitar Concert by Ustad Shakir Khan

March 11-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai & Tabla Solo Concert by Suryaksha Deshpande

Concerts in 2016:

October 22-Bansuri Concert by Pt. Rakesh Chaurasia

September 4-Bansuri Concert by Jay Gandhi

Saturday, July 16-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai

July 4-Tabla Duet Concert Pt. Anindo Chatterjee and Anubrata Chatterjee

May 28-Sitar Concert by Partha Bose

April 2016-Sitar Concert by Pt. Nayan Ghosh

March 2016-Sitar Concert by Chirag Katti (at New Paltz, NY)

February 2016-Santoor Concert by Vinay Desai

January 2016 -Sarod Concert by George Ruckert

Concerts in 2015:

October 2015-Dhrupad Vocal Concert by Branan Silvius & Payton MacDonald

September 2015-Sitar Concert by Partha Sarathi Chatterjee

May 2015-Sitar Concert by Purbayan Chatterjee

April 2015-Bansuri Concert by Jay Gandhi

March 2015-Violin Concert by Indradeep Ghosh

Concerts in 2014: 

November 2014-Sitar Concert by Partha Bose

September 2014-Sitar Concert by Pt. Manu Kumar Seen

August 2014-Bansuri Concert by Pt. Ronu Majumdar

July 2014-Vocal Concert by Sangeet Martand Pt. Jasraj

June 2014-Taba Solo Concert by Pt. Anindo Chatterjee

May 2014-Violin Concert by Indradeep Ghosh

May 2014-Sarod Concert by Anirban Dasgupta

April 2014-Bansuri Concert by Jay Gandhi

March 2014-Sitar Concert by Chirag Katti

February 2014-Bansuri Concert by Steve Gorn

January 2014-Tabla Solo Concert by Suryaksha Deshpande

Concerts in 2013: 

September 2013-Sitar Concert by Ustad Shahid Parvez

Concerts in 2011: 

September 2011-Sitar Concert by K.V. Mahabala & Bansuri Concert by Steve Gorn

Concerts in 2010:

August 2010-Bansuri Concert by Steve Gorn

July 2010-Dhrupad Vocal Concert by Gundecha Brothers

Concerts in 2009:

July 2009-Sitar Concert by Madhu Nanduri & Vocal Concert by Sanhita Nandi 


May all beings be content.

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