An integrated centre for well-being

The fear and uncertainty of the unprecedented time that the world is currently going through has forced humans to re-evaluate their priorities, actions, and lifestyle. It cannot be more obvious than now that without personal health and interpersonal harmony, all the material wealth accumulated in the world is rendered useless. On this crossroad, instead of relying on some magical cure in a vaccine, if we take some time to reflect on the various causes that have led to the current situation, we can be sure to find a lasting solution. Such a solution will allow us to overcome the current pandemic and avoid other diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases, which have also reached pandemic proportions.That solution lies not in more scientific advancement but in drawing on the vast wisdom of our ancient Vedic lifestyle. Punarnava, which means ‘rejuvenating life,’ is a unique integrated centre for holistic well-being that offers the opportunity to have an authentic experience of Ayurveda, an ancient science and art of living and healing. 

With the synthesis of Ayurveda (including Panchakarma), Naturopathy, Psychotherapy, and Allopathy, this centre is one of its kind and possibly the first to offer such an integrated approach. It offers an effective and comprehensive model to reverse the problems and limitations in current healthcare. Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, skin diseases, migraines, digestive issues, women’s diseases, thyroid conditions, depression, and several other conditions have regained health at Punarnava. Nowadays, due to the modern lifestyle, stress has become a root cause and catalyst for several diseases and premature aging; for this reason, stress management is an essential component of treatment at Punarnava. The patient is treated as a whole and all aspects of health are covered for – physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Individual empowerment is at the heart of it, with interactive sessions on diet management, lifestyle modification, yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation), yoga nidra, guided meditations, and stress-management through counseling sessions. Such attentive and highly personalized care, amidst the serene and picturesque 20-acre lush orchard garden charged with daily chanting of Vedic mantras, makes the therapeutic stay at Purnanava enjoyable, harmonious, and, ultimately, life-transforming.

Punarnava offers online interactive sessions on Ayurveda and also on mental health. Online personalized yoga sessions are also available.
For more information, contact +91 97378 69355 or punarnava@shantimandir.com
Shanti Mandir, Magod Mahafalia, Post Atul, Valsad, Gujarat – 396020
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See God in each other.

— Baba Muktananda