Magod, India

This tranquil, traditional ashram is set in a lush garden-orchard near the village of Magod in the state of Gujarat on the north-west side of India. It is a ten minute drive from the town of Valsad which is a four-hour train-ride north of Mumbai.

The picturesque 20 acre property shaded by hundreds of mango, coconut and chickoo trees was inaugurated as an ashram in January 1999.  200 people can be accommodated comfortably & Fresh Vegetarian meals are provided daily on the ashram premises.


It provides an ideal environment for spiritual practice with Sanskrit chanting, meditation and vedic rituals, with Swami Nityananda often in residence when he is in India.


Telephone and e-mail services are available. Transport can be arranged to and from Mumbai.


The Heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.

— Bhagavan Nityananda