Yoga Teacher Training & Study Courses

Yoga Teacher Training

In this Complete Yoga Studies, participants will be expertly guided through the foundational methodologies of yoga, including yoga asana, meditation, fascinating exploration of yoga’s sources and essential teachings that make this a rich, creative and deeply rewarding engagement. The extensive interface with the materials, skillful instructors and the lively discussions provide a stimulating and provocative environment that encourages and supports real opening or ”unfoldment.”

Shanti Darshanam is an education initiative to foster authentic training for genuine seekers on the path of yoga. The courses instruct participants in a broad range of yoga practices and philosophies that enable direct experience as well as the understanding to develop and sustain a meaningful and satisfying relationship with the yoga tradition.

Shanti Darshanam instructs Yoga Teacher Training Courses that are internationally recognized and accredited with Yoga Alliance.

The courses are designed to:

  • Educate and inspire yoga instructors in the values, traditions and sources of yoga who are then able to place contemporary practice in an enhanced and meaningful context.
  • Train facilitators to draw and evolve their teaching skills from a well established and intelligent personal practice.
  • Educate teachers capable of designing specific programs to meet a broad range of individual needs, including evolving practice for experienced practitioners through increasing phases of depth and skill.
  • Provide training courses for committed yoga practitioners not requiring teaching certification.  These enrollees enjoy study and practice course components without sitting the certificate and assessment sections.  This study course version is offered at reduced hours and fees.

To download the course info pack, click here.

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Meditate on your Self, Worship your Self, Kneel to your Self, Honor your Self, God dwells within you as you.

— Baba Muktananda