Level 2 Certificate (300 hrs)

Yoga Teacher Training 300 hrs

The Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training  program is practical, experiential and contemplative.  It aims to increase knowledge and skill in all aspects of yoga and its practices while cultivating the essential experience of dynamic stillness and contentment.

A fascinating focus within this program is the exploration of several essential yogic texts that reveal the purpose and means to transformation of a human life using yogic wisdom and  methodologies.  These sublime writings are actually practical manuals describing the domains of consciousness, the nature of existence and the means for fulfilling human potential.  We draw essential life skills and guidance from these sources and apply them to our contemporary challenges. To skillfully craft a life of meaning, purpose and substance while contributing to our communities robustly expresses the aims of yoga.

Subjects include:

  • Meaning of Self Realization and Enlightenment
  • Karma, Death  and Rebirth
  • Exploration of the Traditions  of Kashmir Shaivism, Vedanta and Classical Yoga
  • Yoga Psychology
  • Subtle Anatomy and Physiology- perfecting alignment in a living body
  • The Spectrum of Yogic Paths
  • The Living Language of Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Principles and Practices as related to Yoga
  • Deeper Asana Theory and Practice including the advanced application of the Three Tiered Method
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation training and instruction skills including the 4 Pillars of Practice
  • Design and Sequencing in Classes
  • Restorative Practice and Yoga Therapy
  • Enhancing Teaching and Communication Skills
  • Consolidating  a powerful and transformational personal practice

The Level 2 comprehensive training enables further enhancement of physical and energetic wellbeing for both practitioner and instructor.

This course extends  professional development for training teachers completing the 500 hour certification standard.  Emphasis is dedicated to furthering skills to guide yoga as a therapeutic methodology in meeting specific client needs.

Prerequisite for entry into Level 2 is Level 1 training recognized internationally by Yoga Alliance plus 100 hours of teaching.

SD Magod-Level 1 Curriculum-2015-16SD Magod-Level 2 Curriculum-2015-16

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Enrolling now:
Magod, India
January 11-29, 2016
3 week Yoga Teacher Training intensive in traditional Indian ashram
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With great respect and love, a heartfelt welcome to everyone.

— Baba Muktananda