SpandaKarika: Verses on Spanda-The Divine Pulsation


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A Commentary by Umesh and Chitra Nagarkatte The book is a commentary on the eighth century Kashmir Shaivism text SpandaKarika – Verses on Divine pulsation. Modern physics agrees with the physical fact that the universe is a vibration of energy. Modern physics deals with phenomena, while this book is an outcome of research on the source of the phenomena. In the commentary on every verse, other texts such as Shiv Sutras and Vijnana Bhairava and works of many Indian saints are quoted. The main theme of the book is that one can remain aware of Supreme Consciousness in every moment of daily life. Thus sadhana – spiritual quest – impacts every aspect of living. The experience transcends any religion, nationality, gender, family, upbringing or formal education. This book is based on lectures given during 1980-81 in weekly satsangs, prayer meetings, of the meditation center which the authors ran from 1975 until 1982 under the guidance of their Guru Swami Muktanand. This book is a testimonial that sadhana can be carried out under the guidance of a competent Guru while leading a householder life even in New York City. The authors are professors of mathematics in two colleges of the City University of New York.

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