Kashmir Shaivism Workshops

Kashmir Shaivism is a non-dual philosophical tradition that provides the scriptural context for the teachings of the sages. The purpose of this workshop series is to provide an understanding and experience of this sublime philosophy. The workshop format includes exposition, discussion, and centering techniques. Each workshop in this ongoing series focuses on a particular scripture or theme.

All are welcome, and no prerequisites are required.

Upcoming Kashmir Shaivism Workshops:


Kashmir Shaivism Workshops in 2020:

LIFE AS A PLAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Part 2) January 18, 2020

Kashmir Shaivism Workshops in 2019:


Kashmir Shaivism Workshops in 2017:

December-Guru Gita: A Guide for Graceful Living (Shree Guru Gita) (with Vivek)

November-Guru Gita: A Guide for Graceful Living (Shree Guru Gita) (with Vivek)

October-Understanding Emotions (Spanda Karikas) (with Vivek)

June-The Veil of Ignorance (Siva Sutras) (with Vivek)

May-Play of Consciousness (Spanda Karikas) (with Vivek)

April-Self-Recognition (Pratyabhijnahrdayam) (with Vivek)

February-The Power of Breath (Vijnana-Bhairava) (with Vivek)

January-Yoga in the World (Bhagavad-Gita) (with Vivek)

Kashmir Shaivism Workshops in 2016:

November-Understanding Emotions (Spanda-Karikas) (with Vivek)

May-Play of Consciousness (Shiva Sutras) (with Vivek) (Baba’s 108th birthday)

April-Chandi Path (with Vivek) (Navaratra)

March-The Guru (Shiva Sutras) (with Vivek)

January-The Three States (Spanda-Karikas) (with Vivek)

Kashmir Shaivism Workshops in 2015:

December-The Five-Fold Act (Pratyabhijnahrdayam) (with Vivek)

November-Understanding the Power of Words (Spanda-Karikas) (with Vivek)

October-Unfolding the Center (Pratyabhjijnahrdayam) (with Vivek)

August-I Am That (Vijnana Bhairava) (with Vivek)

July-What is True Freedom? (Pratyabhijnahrdayam) (with Dana & Vivek)

June-A Subtle Change of Focus Creates A Dramatic Change in this Every-moment Life (Shiva Sutras, Ch 3) (with Dana)

May-Living Shaivism: Bringing It All Back Home (Shiva Sutras, Ch 2) (with Dana)

March-Chandi Path (with Vivek)

February-Pratyabhijnahrdayam (The Heart of Self-Recognition) (with Vivek)

January-Shiva Sutras (with Vivek)


See God in each other.

— Baba Muktananda