Community Satsangs in USA

Upcoming Community Satsangs: 

In addition to Community Satsangs, to view a list of Shanti Mandir centers, click here. To find out about Satsangs at centers, contact the center coordinator.

Community Satsangs in 2018

Thursday, February 22 – Connecticut

Sunday, January 28 – Delaware

Sunday, January 21 – South Carolina

Saturday, January 20 – South Carolina

Community Satsangs in 2017 

Saturday, September 9 – New York

Saturday, June 17 – California

East Coast Community Satsang Tour

Community Satsangs in 2016

Sunday, Oct. 23 – Maryland

Saturday, Sep. 17 – New Jersey

Saturday, May 7 – New Jersey

Community Satsangs in 2015:

Saturday, October 10 – Maryland

Saturday, July 25 – New Jersey


Meditate on your Self, Worship your Self, Kneel to your Self, Honor your Self, God dwells within you as you.

— Baba Muktananda