Level 3 Certificate (200 hrs)

Yoga Teacher Training Professional Development

A unique training and study program focusing on the areas of yoga psychology and meditation.

This is a third stage of training for trained teachers who wish to extend into the other domains of yoga-its philosophies and practices beyond asana.

It is also a useful course of study for dedicated practitioners and health workers who deal with the human psyche.

Within the yogic foundational texts we find the most sublime understanding of the mind.  As well as an unparalleled map of this domain of human existence we also find quintessential practices and reflection methodologies to quiet, clear and transform limiting and habitual mental patterns and unproductive behaviours. Psychotherapeutic practices use the mind to understand the mind, yoga utilizes the animating force of the mind itself to bring heightened understanding of its nature, tendencies and potentials.  Ultimately yoga guides human transcendence which includes transcendence of limited mind.

Meditation is the most important of all yogic methods for human reformation.  It opens the doorways to consciousness and all that consciousness can reveal. Here we focus on how to consolidate the practitioners’ continuing advancement in meditation skills and how to instruct meditation to meet all human predispositions, attending to inevitable obstacles to practice, and opening to the ultimate goal of contemplation. Study will include the absorption states meditation leads to.

This is an engrossing area of study that reveals the deeper life maps required for expanding conscious living.

SD Magod-Level 3 Curriculum-2015-16
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Enrolling now:
Magod, India
February 29-March 12, 2016
3 week Yoga Teacher Training intensive in traditional Indian ashram.
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Meditate on your Self, Worship your Self, Kneel to your Self, Honor your Self, God dwells within you as you.

— Baba Muktananda